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Welcome to the California Housing Prices Analysis! In this project, we are going to use the 1990 California Census dataset to study and try to understand how the different attributes can make the house prices get higher or lower. How does the location impact? How about the size of the house? The age?

This dataset has a lot of information that can help us. …

A brief tour of the NFL kicker data with Python

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Welcome to the NFL kicker’s performance analysis! We’ll take a dive on the data from kickers from 2006 and 2019. Are the kickers getting better over the years? How do their accuracy change in high pressure situations? At what age do kickers reach their peak? We’ll try to get some of these answers. The full project can be found in my github repository.

In this project, we’ll try to answer the followings:

1) What are the best and worst teams in the NFL kicking the ball? And the best players?

Daniel Eliezer

Brazilian Data Scientist and a big sports fan

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